Learning Torah or Loading a Merkava

When the Jews of old were persecuted and the dominate military force of the day was trying to extinguish the light of Torah, we fought back – with Torah learning and tools of war.  We learned this tactic from Yaakov Avinu who, when preparing to meet his brother Esav developed a three-pronged approach – prayer, gifts and war.   Bar Kochba and the Maccabees also used these techniques (sans the gifts) and today in modern Israel – we still continue in our father’s footsteps.

Yeshivat Ma'alot Yaakov

Yeshivat Ma'alot Yaakov - There is no Torah like the Torah of Eretz Yisrael.

Yeshivat Ma’alot Yaakov is a one of the many hesder yeshivot in Israel that offers young men the opportunity to learn Torah and serve in the IDF, protecting our people.   The program is genius and the results are phenomenal.

After graduating high school the boys learn Torah for 1.5 years, and then serve in the IDF for 1.5 years, followed by two more years of learning to complete the program.

The military options offered to the boys are limited to a few, like tanks, artillery, foot soldiery and para-trooping.  The boys are usually kept together in their new military units since there already exists a sense of camaraderie and cohesiveness.


Hesder yeshiva student during training


Meeting Time



The fire for learning is not extinguished in their new roles.  Some have pocket-sized seferim and seize time to learn in situations like while standing in line to eat or waiting in their tank.  Many soldiers can be found using their breaks to either learn by themselves or with a chavruta.   Additionally, the shiurim at Yeshivat Ma’alot Yaakov are recorded and uploaded onto the Yeshiva’s website for listening/learning when time permits.


Yeshivat Ma'alot Yaakov on Purim

At the end of the five year program the young men are polished.  They have developed themselves spiritually, emotionally and physically and are ready to build beautiful families to follow in our fathers’ footsteps.

To learn more about Yeshivat Ma’alot Yaakov go to their website > http://www.yesmalot.co.il/about/


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3 responses to “Learning Torah or Loading a Merkava

  1. Shem Tov

    Very nice! A look into the life of a bainish…

  2. Darin Morgan

    I agree with the concept of military preparedness, but I have a HUGE problem with the modern weapons of war that destroy the environment and everyone who comes in contact with the aftermath whether friend or foe, military or civilian.
    Do some reading on the deadly effects of depleted uranium. These weapons are manufactured by the U.S. and sold to countries all over the world as well as the Israeli military.
    The radioactive depleted uranium dust left over on the battlefield after the use of the weapons will be there for millenia. D.U. dust is one of the likely causes of Gulf War syndrome that has killed many times more U.S. soldiers than ever died in that conflict. It can be transported through the wind and water and it is no respector of persons.
    So, given the long term potential for injury from simply participating in military exercises, I would not want my sons or any other G-d fearing young man to be subjected to such a hazard.

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