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…who will go and who will stay…

We know that everything that effects us is decreed on Rosh HaShannah – and making aliyah is no different.  Not only that, but for those who are going; the date, the flight, the seats, traveling partners, and destination residence, (yes, your shipping company too) have already been decreed.  Kind of comforting, huh?

Our Eagle

Our Eagle

When considering aliyah it is important to ramp up on your emunah. This quality/midda can smooth the rocky path of transition, and give you a feeling of comfort and security – like the “clouds of glory” in the midbar.   To gain these skills there is an excellent book – The Garden of Emuna by Rabbi Shalom Arush.  (If you haven’t read it yet – order it now.  If you haven’t read it lately, find it and read it again.)  It is essential for gaining a healthy perspective to life.

Different Perspectives on Aliyah. I was talking with a couple of my friends about making aliyah a week before our flight.  One told me that all his kids are doing real well in school and he doesn’t want to take them out and, essentially, ruin a good thing.

My other friend, however, told me that his son isn’t doing well in school and is learning more about life than he ought to at his tender young age, but yet he doesn’t want to make aliyah because of the horror stories of teenagers.

What’s the truth?  Who is right?

My perspective is that both can make aliyah – if they want to.  And it can be a positive experience.

Who can resist this view out their window?

Who can resist this view out their window?

Children (and parents)  in general do not want to move, whether from one city to another, or one country to another.  It is human nature.  We enjoy the comforts of  familiar soundings, job security, life-long friends, the list goes on.  Making aliyah is not the path of least resistance.  For a family to want to make aliyah, there has to be the knowledge and emphasis that life will be better in, as my wife calls it “God’s special land for Jews”.

In my conversations with friends, most often I find one spouse wants to make aliyah and the other definitely does not want to.  Most often it is the wife who wants to stay.  I am guessing it is because of the material comforts – and that’s passe.

There are a billion perspectives on making aliyah,  finding a community, and families with teens.  The factors involved are too numerous to make blanket statements – but it should be know that it can be done successfully.


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