Potting Instructions for genus Israeli

All plants have specific soil requirements for successful and robust growth and the genus Israeli is no different. The genus Israeli, or Israeli, thrives best in a small, fertile and quite beautiful, G-d given plot of land, about the size of New Jersey – coincidentally know as Israel.  The relationship of the Israeli and the land of Israel is profound and cannot be rationally understood – you have to experience it!


Sano-Man- Just look at that smile!

The Israeli – Israel phenomenon can be seen on a daily basis throughout the land.  It’s in the eyes and smiles of the inhabitants (like the Sano-Man).  It’s in the friendly gestures – the “boker tov’s” from stangers.  It’s the feeling that thy love olim chadashim and are so happy you’ve come.  It’s the feel that we are all connected, no matter where we come from.  It’s the feeling of family.

In Israel the Israeli finds wholeness, they find G-d, they find inspiration, they find internal peace and serenity – they find they have to get dragged on the plane to go back their their houses.

The land of Israel was created and designated for the Israeli by the Highest Wisdom – G-d, therefore we know that the two are made for each other and it is the desired state of existance.   Within every Jewish soul there is a yearning to go to Israel and make it their home.  I know, I talk to the people making aliyah, I hear the stories, I know what people are giving up – money, jobs, homes, security, you name it – it’s all being left behind.

For example, there are 7 new “seedlings” coming from Kaifeng, China to plant themselves in the Holy Land.  You can read the story at Arutz Sheva.   One of the new olim, Yaakov Wang says. “This is something that my ancestors dreamed about for generations, and now thank G-d I have finally made it.”

Let me ask you, would you rather say you live in Detroit or the Holy Land?

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