It Rained Today

It may not seem like a big thing, but here in Israel – it is significant, very significant.

It started raining on the way to the shopping center, and then it really started to pour while we were shopping.  It was a good, steady rain, the kind that Choni HaMagil prayed for.

As we went from one store to another, I crossed a man who didn’t strike me as religious, and turned to me with a broad smile and a nodding head and said, “tefillat gashem!“.  I smiled in return, gave him a thumbs-up and said “it works” not even realizing that he probably didn’t understand what I said – but he knew what I meant.

There was an element of excitement in the air – yes, we are getting rain!

Rain in Israel, in the proper time,  is a form if chesid that G-d bestows on His land, and the amazing thing is, His people really seem to understand it as such.  I heard later from my daughters in high school that the other girls were giddy with excitement because of the rain.  We had never witnessed the appreciate for rain like we did today.

The sense I get from people about the fact that  G-d brings rain, is that it’s a known fact – period.

May our prayers for rain continue to be answered for good.

p.s.  If you want to learn more about the power of speech and it’s direct connection to rain, click on this link and start listening about 35 minutes into the shiur.  It is amazing!

p.s.s.  Since we stopped praying for dew and started praying for rain, the humidity has dropped, and there are no more wet balconies floors or railing like I mentioned in my first post.

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