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Apter – Barrier Art Center

Around Rosh HaShannah last year Ma’alot’s Apter-Barrier Art Center was completed.   It had gone from a simple, small building to a dynamic art center with spacious classrooms, rotating exhibitions and exciting plans for the future.

Here are some photos from our tour today:

The new Apter-Barrier Art Center's exhibition hall

The new and improved Apter-Barrier Art Center has probably quadrupled in size, and is enhanced with a spacious courtyard, beautifully suited for some special upcoming events!

Director and Art Teacher

The Director and Art Teacher

Tami, the director gave us the “grand tour” of the new facilities and introduced us to one of their teachers – and everybody spoke in English.

Exhibition Hall

Stone and metal sculptures on display in one part of the exhibition hall

For the opening night of the current exhibition, all of the featured artists attended and the event was broadcast live on the radio.

Children's Art Work

Children's art work on display

Classes for adults and children are available in intuitive drawing/painting, clay sculpting and spinning,  glass fusion and stained glass.  Classes in photography are coming in the future. They also have a two week summer camp for children.

Intuitive Painting Classroom

The Painting Classroom

This is the painting classroom.  There are two more classrooms about the same size – one for clay and the other for glass. There are so many good things to do in Ma’alot!

Here is the website:


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