Fill ‘er up at the 10 Station

I never thought I would write a blog post about a gas station, but at the “10” station there is more than meets the eye.

The Ten Gas Station

The Ten Sign - a Beacon of Service

First of all, the 10 station is conveniently located near our favorite fruit market, plus it has attendants that pump your gas for your, and, to top it off, they wash your windows too! The attendants are nice and polite, and wear snappy bright blue “10” uniforms.   Full service gas in 2010!

The Ten Gas Station

It is always a pleasure to get gas at the 10 station.

Even more incredible, we recently learned from one of the “10” attendants (our neighbors son-in-law) that the IDF pays 9000 NIS (approx $2400) to exiting members of the military to work for 150 days in a factory or a gas station.   This allow Israel to be more self-sufficient, and reduces the need to import foreign workers.


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3 responses to “Fill ‘er up at the 10 Station

  1. We receive similar service at Delek stations in the center of the country. I guess I just took it for granted because I’m old enough to remember this type of service as being the standard in the US during my early driving years 🙂

    Thanks for reminding me not to take the small perks of living in Israel for granted!

  2. Yes, I hate pumping gas (in the States)! Where is this “Ten” station? I want to know if it’s near any of my kids.
    Also, I have a daughter who is just exiting the army (after 3 yr service; she’s a combat commander). Maybe she’d be interested in this-can you send me more info?

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