How a City Celebrates and Saintly Olim

They say New York is a city that never sleeps, well Ma’alot is the city that never stops.  That is to say, there are no stop lights throughout Ma’alot.  There are, however, speed bumps all over and kikars, or traffic circles to keep “traffic” flowing smoothly.  Sometimes the traffic is tough and you will have to wait while 4 or 5 cars goes through the kikar before it’s time to proceed .

The kikar is more than just a traffic tool, it’s a beautifully landscaped plot that enhances the city streets.   The kikars of Ma’alot are filled with beautiful, colorful flowers and plants, huge artistic stone carvings, a fountain or two and near the industrial area a huge statue made of artillery shells welded together.

In preparation for Yom HaAtzmut (Israeli Independence Day) the kikars where decorated with Israeli flags, blue and white “streamer-flags” and multi-colored “streamer-flags”.

Below are some pictures we took as we drove about the city.

Kikar Ma'alot

Blue and White Kikar with a Stone Sculpture and Shrubbery

Ma'alot Kikar

Colorful Kikar with Basket Plants, Flowers, Shrubs and a Huge Stone Sculpture

Ma'alot Kikar

A less celebrated kikar - but still dressed up and fancy!

While on the subject of Yom HaAtzmut, a couple of wonderful new olim families really used their day to make a difference.  The Bloom and Roth families packed up their lunches and headed to find the Golani expo a short drive away to show their appreciation.   At the Golani expo there were tanks, Hummers, guns, RPG’s, and all the tools of war needed today and a whole group of the mighty Golani soldiers.

Sarah B's Cakes

One of the many amazing cakes baked by Sarah Bloom

Sarah Bloom, with her amazing cake decorating skills, made a beautiful cake to dazzle and delight the troops.

Golani Party

Olim Hadashim Showing Their Support to the Golani Troops

By hearing the stories of the afternoon, I believe the chizuk was mutual.  Chak U’Baruch to the Bloom and Roth families and the whole IDF for their dedication to keep their brethren safe and secure.

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  1. A wonderful group of people you know! Such a lovely town!

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