Why is this night different than the others?

Bottles for the Seder

The second seder has always been a little anticlimactic, but then again, it was always smoother and always great fun.   Being in Israel for Pesah for the first time we kinda wondered – “What’s it going to be like on the second night, when historically we had a seder, but this night we won’t?”  (Sound’s like the “Fifth Question”.)  I think the resounding answer is, “natural”.  It seemed completely natural to have only one seder and, furthermore to have two would be absolutely silly.

The whole Pesah experience – one seder, only two days of Yom Tov, a longer Hol HaMoed – was complete and proper – the way it had been intended.

One of the down-sides of Pesah in the USA had always been the food – the high cost and lack of selection.  Ah, but here – the doors of opportunity were wide open especially for us Sephardi, kitniot eaters.  The shelves were filled and the prices remained the same.  No price gouging at the Shufersol.   In fact, in the week or so before the hag, there were boxes at the end of each check-out lane for customers to put Passover food in to be distributed to charities.

Rice Cake anyone?

Rice cakes were one of the first “kosher l’Pesach” items to be seen at the Shufersol – what a treat.

Matzot - All handmade and very tasty

The shumura matzot were all pre-ordered.  We picked them up at a local guys house.  He was bubbling over with excitement that we had made aliyah.  He was so giddy – it was cute.

Kosher for Passover

Kosher for Passover - Shufersol Style

Passover Seder 5770 Rundown

Handmade Shemra Matzot / Beit Yosef – 2 kg (4.4 lbs) : 90 NIS ($24) or $5.45 per pound

Handmade Soft Matzot / Beit Yosef – 2 kg (4.4 lbs) : 60 NIS ($16) or $3.65 per pound

Barkan Domaine Tabor (aka “Rooster wine”) : 19 NIS (on sale) or $5.05

“Prechecked” Romaine / Marror : 5 NIS or $1.35

Large Bouquet of Flowers : 25 NIS or $6.70

Fulfilling the mitzvah of “achilat matzah” in the Holy Land :  Priceless.

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  1. Nouly-Hannah Howard

    My only dream is to make Aliyah, live & die there. Please help!

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