B’Toch HaPita – Shwarma Shop

Over the last few months on the way to school, Nissim and I have walked by the construction site of what is now B’toch HaPita, (or Within the Pita) – Ma’alot’s newest shwarma shop.  We would often stop by and poke our noses in the building and check on the progress in anticipation of the opening.

B'toch HaPita - set up for a big party!

Previously the building had been a little meat market, and was probably the commercial outlet of the shechting house/butcher shop that used to be in the adjacent buildings.   Since we have been in Ma’alot, the only shechting that has taken place there was one day last fall around Rosh HaShannah time – and we got a full dose of the smell on the way to school.

A Fresh Shwarma Ready To Go

B’toch HaPita is quietly situated at the bottom of the KKL Park/corner zoo and near to the Iriya (City Hall).  The fancy wood deck, canopy and kerosene heater make outside dining warm and relaxing, even on cold, rainy nights.

Gabby Working Hard

The owner, Gabby has been working from 6 am until midnight since it opened a two weeks ago – and you can tell by looking at him.  He looks exhausted – but keeps on smiling.

Loving Shwarma

You can get shwarma in a pita for 15 NIS (approx $4.00) or in a laafah for 20 NIS (approx $5.30).  If your looking for pita filled with falafel, that is only 8 NIS (approx. $2.10).  There is a big table of zesty flavored salads and condiments available for stuffing in your pita or to go along with your dinner.

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