Aharon – Ohev Shalom and Rodef Shalom

Aliyah to the Torah

Mazal Tov! Aharon receives his first aliyah.

This morning I was treated to a wonderful surprise when I got to the beit knesset – a bar mitzvah of a boy from Bnei Menashe.

The candy flew, pictures were taken, there was lively singing – the whole nine yards.  Aharon, the bar mitzvah bachor came from India with the rest of his family and made Ma’alot their home.

Aharon with his class

Class Picture

Aharon with his class and Rav Ami the prinicpal

The Hatan Bar Mitzvah – Aharon – has been in the Yahalom school for the last three years, and by the looks of it has made many friends, and is well loved.  It was really a wonderful experience to witness.

It is great to see Am Yisrael uniting on the derech of Torah. 

Chazak U’Baruch.


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3 responses to “Aharon – Ohev Shalom and Rodef Shalom

  1. Enjoying all your blog posts….and the pictures!

  2. Brina Groskin

    I was just wondering what type or a school bet menashe is. And what the other options for day schools are. Thanks. (hopefully gonna be visiting pesach time) 🙂

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