Sometimes I cannot help but think as I walk about Ma’alot how much it reminds me of Richard Scary’s Busytown.   There is always a big supply of familiar faces, happy sounds and busy people.  Here are a few examples:

Bright and early every morning there is a crew of Busytown street cleaners scurrying about the city decked out in reflective vests, towing carts with shovels, rakes, blowers and what ever tools they will need for the day.   Their job is to make sure the sidewalks are neat and clean.   They are diligent and thorough – they seem to take pride in their job. [let that sink it before continuing]  These days they are blowing the fallen leaves off the sidewalk and into the street.  Right behind them comes “Brushes” the street cleaner buzzing through the street with his vacuum truck and little brushes whizzing around collecting everything in its way.

Recently we saw Sgt. Murphy’s finest police officers having lunch, and it wasn’t doughnuts and coffee.  They were sitting out at a picnic table nestled in the trees at the park next to our house, and they spreading chummas on nice, fresh bakery rolls and with cold cuts and veggies.   It was so organic.   It was so cute.  Cops having a picnic….

My favorite are the happy tunes that play throughout the school loudspeakers at the beginning of school and between classes.    They play favorites  like, “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”, “Happy Birthday” and “Dip the Apple in the Honey”.  The tunes are so happy and fun.

There is also a local Able Baker Charlie – with fresh trays of sufganiyot, rugalach, borekas, pastries, pitot, and loaves of fresh bread.   There is a constant stream of children there in the morning picking up treats for breakfast or lunch.


Local Bakery - Sufganiyot and Lachmaniyot

I have only been living here for 4+ months but I am sure to find someone driving by to wave to or a friend or two on the street or in the merkaz.   The people here are happy which adds so much to the general, good-feeling, warm-hearted, Busytown-esq environment.  It is a great place to live and a healthy place to raise children.

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  1. Felicia Hubbell

    loving the description of life in Ma’alot, how nice and clean, healthy and friendly it all sounds. Especially since my daughters nice winter jacket with valuables in her pockets was stolen last night. We are unhappy with our surroundings at the moment.

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