An Olfactory Tour of Iris Street

I am not one who has a fine sense of smell but when I walk my son to school on Iris Street (our street) each morning I am treated to some extraordinary pleasures of the nose.

Come on, let’s go.

Our first stop is only two doors down, and even though you have to go to their backyard to get a whiff of their lavender – it is well worth the trip.  This lush border of lavender has an intense smell and with a nice breeze fills the backyard.

Lavender garden border - available for smelling and cooking

Lavender garden border - available for smelling and cooking

Slightly up the street and up the hill, is a wonderful mixture of pine tree that seem to smell their strongest in the morning.    A steady breeze coming from the north is funneled into this hillside conifer collection stirring up a robust pine smell.    Nothing like a few deep breaths of real pine scented fresh air in the morning.

Fragrant Pine Trees (notice road on left - it's much steeper than it looks)

Fragrant Pine Trees (notice road on left - it's much steeper than it looks)

Just after the peak of the hill, comes the ever popular herbal hedge – rosemary.   Huge rosemary hedges spread out like ground-cover in this family friendly area with park benches and picnic tables.  I often rub my hands in the rosemary and smell them when I walk.  I never cease to be amazed at the bold (and long lasting) fragrance of rosemary, and how cool it is that it’s everywhere.

Rosemary - a beautiful border of many varieties

Rosemary - a lovely hedge

They say a picture is worth a thousand word, but I think a deep breath is worth a thousand pictures.

Post Script.

A New Discovery.   While on a walk after Sukkot, my wife and I were drawn across the street by a familiar, and favorite smell of ours – Night Blooming Jasmine.    The sweet smell of Night Blooming Jasmine is really, really strong and the vine-like plants are just dripping down the stone retaining walls from the garden above.   The flowers are white and simple, but the smell is overwhelming – making this discovery a real treat.

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