Safeway, Trader Joe’s, Costco and now….

For the past 20 plus years, grocery shopping has been a long-standing family favorite activity, and now that we are in Israel, it still is – and Shufersol is our place for food procurement.

First off, the name “Shufersol” sounds kinda silly and reading the name without nekudot you might think that the name is Supersol, but it’s not.

Pasta Time!  Notice tomato paste is smaller and in a plastic pack

Pasta Time! Notice tomato paste is smaller and in a plastic pack

Our Shufersol is medium-sized, nice and clean, the workers are polite, there is a good selection, and I think it has the best day-to-day prices. Everything is under supervision of the Chief Rabbi of Ma’alot, Rav Yitzhak Ouaknine – that means you can feel safe and secure. (There is, however, a small area of clearly marked unkosher meats for the local neighboring non-Jewish population – Druze Arabs and Christians.)

My favorite stop is the cheese counter which has all the cheeses that we love – emek, swiss, cheddar (or something close to it), smoked, feta, kashkaval, and all sorts of tasty Israeli white cheeses. You can get your favorite cheese cut in a chuck from a wheel, sliced, shredded or grated.

The meat counter sells white meat (turkey and chicken) for less than dark(?!), and at about $3.50 per pound. That would make meat meals cheaper than dairy…. now that’s different! Also in stock are schnitzel chicken, whole chickens, and a wide variety of beef cuts.

Shufersol’s private label packaging is simple, pleasant and most importantly has product names printed in English. That make buying spices and a handful of other products so much easier.

Easy shopping with lots of easy to read labels!

Easy shopping with lots of easy to read labels!

We did the bulk of our Rosh HaShannah shopping last week, and as a special treat we got a free jar of honey and a bag of apples!

Thank you Shufersol…

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