Rain in September?

Yep,  that is right – I heard it this morning around 5:00 in the morning.  It was a nice steady rain, not like the torrential downpours of Miami, quenching the parched earth and dry gardens of Eretz Yisrael.

We made aliyah about 2 months ago to Ma’alot and have not felt a drop of rain since the day we arrived, which were only a couple inconsequential drops.  Every day the skies are a beautiful blue with big, white fluffy clouds coming and going throughout the day.

The summers of Ma’alot are really quiet idyllic.  Don’t get me wrong, it does get hot (80’s) and it is humid (70%), but the breeze that comes in from the valley is splendid and refreshing.  Towards evening the humidity raises and the dew starts to descend.  Metal railings and balcony floors are wet by the time the sun has completely set.  It is this dew that we pray for, and it is this dew that sustains the all that grows from the ground.

Now that autumn is around the corner, the temperatures are dropping some, bringing cooler days and nights.   Soon we will be in the rainy season, and G-d willing, we will get rains that we need.


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4 responses to “Rain in September?

  1. Good luck with the blog. I see you figured out how to add Israeli Kitchen. I envy you the mild summer.

  2. Felicia

    Well done blog site, I am ready to visit now. thanks for the veggie stories.

  3. Nouly-Hannah Howard

    How lucky to live in Israel!This my dream & I have all my papers ready for my Aliyah but for some reason dont have the money & I need to rent a small apart.This is what they told me { Iam 82 years old}Also I was hopping to take some of my personal think which I am not able to. Thank very much , Nouly-Hannah

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